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victoria and her fake eyelash mustache

24| SHINee → Bling Bling  

in which zhou mi refuses to translate lies

JR’s heartfelt thank you to the Pledis staff for helping create NU’EST. [x]

Translation Cr. [x]

@ajol_llama민호오빠랑 라마송 ㅋㅋ the llama song with Minho (작곡/작사/편곡: 최민호) (Composed Written Arranged by Minho Choi)

122-125/endless gifs of jung soojung’s perfection


My Love from Gapyeong 


Everyone give it up for Jonghyun’s titties.

JongHyun appa leading the babies through airport

Lucky Star short ver.

69|100 photos of my bias; Lee Taemin